Welcome to Lewes Dairy


Milk & Milk Products


001 Whole Milk Gallon each

002 2% Gallon Each

003 1% Gallon Each

004 Skim Gallon Each

2023 Light Cream Gallon Each

20 Quart Dispenser

005 Homogenized 20 Quart Each

006 Skim 20 Quart Each

007 2% 20 Quart Each

008 Chocolate 20 Quart Each

009 Low Fat Chocolate 20 Quart Each

047 1% 20 Quart Each

1002 Light Cream Bag (5 Gallon) 5 Gallon Each

1003 Half & Half 20 Quart Each

1005 Heavy Cream Bag Each

Half Gallon

010 Homogenized Half Gallon Each

011 2% Half Gallon Each

012 Skim Half Gallon Each

043 Chocolate Half Gallon Each

044 1% Half Gallon Each


013 40% Hy-Point Heavy Cream Quart Each

014 Homogenized Quart Each

015 Skim Quart Each

016 Chocolate Quart Each

017 40% Heavy Cream Ultra Quart Each

019 Hy-Point Half & Half Quart Each

020 2% Quart Each

021 Lactaid Quart Each

022 Buttermilk Quart Each

045 1% Quart Each

1042 Half & Half Ultra Quart Each

1138 Hy-Point Egg Nog (Seasonal) Quart Each

196 Plain Soy Quart Each

282 Coffee Treat Quart Each


024 Homogenized Pint Each

025 Chocolate Pint Each

026 Skim Pint Each

027 Half & Half Ultra Pint Each

038 Low Fat Chocolate Pint Case

039 2% Pint Each

040 Low Fat Strawberry Pint Case

1140 Hy-Point Egg Nog (Seasonal) Pint Each

1504 Chocolate Quick Pint Each

1505 Strawberry Quick Pint Each

Half Pints

028 Homogenized Half Pint Each

029 Skim Half Pint Each

030 2% Half Pints Each

031 Non-Fat Chocolate Half Pint Each

032 Low Fat Chocolate Half Pint Each

033 Non-Fat Strawberry Half Pint Each

042 1% Half Pint Each

1040 Light Cream Half Pint Each

1041 Heavy Cream Ultra Half Pint Each

1521 Lactaid Half Pint Each

4 Ounce

035 Homogenized 4oz Each

036 Low Fat 2% 4oz Each

037 Skim 4oz Each

Coffee Creamers & Whipped Cream


200 Hy-Point 3/8oz. Half & Half 300 Case

201 Hy-Point 1/2oz. Half & Half 300 Case

202 1/2oz. Non-Dairy 300 Cass

International Delight Pints

1107 Irish Cream Pint Each

1109 Hazelnut Pint Each

1110 French Vanilla Pint Each

1/2 oz. Creamers

1102 Irish Cream 1/2oz. Case

1104 Hazelnut 1/2oz Case

1105 French Vanilla 1/2oz Case

Whipped Cream & Toppings

215 Hy-Point Aerosol Topping 14oz Each

Fruit Drinks, Juices and Water

Hy-Point Fruit Drinks One Gallon

119 Iced Tea Gallon Each

120 Lemonade Gallon Each

121 Orange Drink Gallon Each

122 Fruit Punch Gallon Each

125 Assorted Drinks Gallon Each

Hy-Point Fruit Drinks Half Gallon

123 Grape Half Gallon Each

124 Blue Raspberry Half Gallon Each

126 Iced Tea Half Gallon Each

127 Lemonade Half Gallon Each

128 Orange Drink Half Gallon Each

129 Fruit Punch Half Gallon Each

130 Assorted Drinks Half Gallon Each

369 Raspberry Tea Half Gallon Each

370 Peach Tea Half Gallon Each

371 Diet Tea Half Gallon Each

372 1/2 Lemonade & 1/2 Tea Half Gallon Each

373 Green Tea Half Gallon Each

Hy-Point Fruit Drinks Pints

131 Iced Tea Pint Each

132 Lemonade Pint Each

133 Orange Drink Pint Each

134 Fruit Punch Pint Each

361 Diet Iced Tea Pint Each

362 Peach Tea Pint Each

363 Raspberry Tea Pint Each

364 1/2 Lemonade & 1/2 Tea Pint Each

365 Green Tea Pint Each

Hy-Point Fruit Drinks Half Pints

137 Iced Tea Half Pint Each

138 Lemonade Half Pint Each

139 Orange Drink Half Pint Each

140 Unsweetened Tea Half Pint Each

141 Fruit Punch Half Pint Each

142 Assorted Drinks Half Pint Each

Hy-Point Apple Cider (Seasonal)

205 Apple Cider Half Gallon Each

206 Apple Cider Pint Pint Case

Hy-Point Spring Water

291 Spring Water Gallon Gallon Each

292 Spring Water Half Pint Half Pint Case

314 Spring Water Pint Pint Case

Hy-Point Juice Half Gallon

144 Orange Juice Half Gallon Each

Tropicana Juices Quart

146 Orange Juice (Plastic) Quart Case

147 Grapefruit Juice (Plastic) Quart Case

148 Apple Juice (Plastic) Quart Case

Hy-Point Juices Quart

Hy-Point Juice Pints

149 Orange Juice (Plastic) Pint Each

Hy-Point Juice Half Pints

399 Orange Juice (Carton) Half Pint Each

Tropicana 10 oz. Juices & Drinks

150 Orange Juice 10oz Case

151 Grapefruit 10oz Case

152 Apple Juice 10oz Case

157 Cranberry 10oz Case

Half Pint Plastic

405 Orange (Plastic) Half Pint Each

406 Lemon (Plastic) Half Pint Each

407 Fruit Punch (Plastic) Half Pint Each

408 Blue Raspberry (Plastic) Half Pint Each

409 Grape (Plastic) Half Pint Each

4 Ounce Juice

375 Orange Drink 4oz Case

377 Apple 4oz Case


Upstate 8 oz.

072 Strawberry Yogurt 8oz Each

073 Blueberry Yogurt 8oz Each

074 Raspberry Yogurt 8oz Each

075 Peach Yogurt 8oz Each

078 Strawberry/Banana Yogurt 8oz Each

086 Assorted Yogurt 8oz Each

Penn Maid 5 lb.

110 Plain Yogurt 5lbs Each

111 Vanilla Yogurt 5lbs Each

112 Blueberry Yogurt 5lbs Each

114 Strawberry Yogurt 5lbs Each

Upstate 4 oz. Yogurt (48 ct.)

1197 Strawberry Banana Yogurt 4oz Case

1198 Cherry Vanilla Yogurt 4oz Case

1199 Peach Yogurt 4oz Case

Dannon 6 oz.

089 Strawberry Yogurt 6oz Each

090 Blueberry Yogurt 6oz Each

091 Raspberry Yogurt 6oz Each

092 Cherry Yogurt 6oz Each

093 Peach Yogurt 6oz Each

094 Mixed Berry Yogurt (Special Order) 6oz Each

095 Vanilla Yogurt (Special Order) 6oz Each

097 Strawberry Banana Yogurt 6oz Each

098 Boysenberry Yogurt (Special Order) 6oz Each

108 Assorted Yogurt 6oz Each

Dannon Lite 6 oz.

087 Assorted Lite Yogurt 6oz Each

099 Vanilla Lite Yogurt 6oz Each

103 Blueberry Lite Yogurt 6oz Each

104 Raspberry Lite Yogurt 6oz Each

105 Peach Lite Yogurt 6oz Each

106 Strawberry Banana Lite Yogurt 6oz Each

107 Strawberry Lite Yogurt 6oz Each

1190 Mixed Berry Lite Yogurt 6oz Each

1191 Cherry Vanilla Lite Yogurt 6oz Each

Greek Yogurt (12/Cs)

1321 Strawberry Greek Yogurt Case

1322 Blueberry Greek Yogurt Case

1323 Vanilla Greek Yogurt Case


Don's Salads

313 White Chicken Salad 5lbs Each

315 White Potato Salad (Special Order) 5 LB Each

316 Magnum Shrimp Salad (Special Order) 5lbs Each

318 Egg Potato Salad 5lbs Each

321 Macaroni Salad 5lbs Each

322 Red Potato Salad (Special Order) 5lbs Each

323 Cole Slaw Long Cut 7lbs Each

328 Antipasto Salad (Special Order) 5lbs Each

329 Carrot and Raisin Salad (Special Order) 5lbs Each

330 Vegetable Pasta 5lbs Each

332 Shrimp Salad 5lbs Each

333 Tuna Salad 5lbs Each

334 Turkey Waldorf Salad (Special Order) 5lbs Each

335 Chicken Salad (Natural) 5lbs Each

336 Egg Salad 5lbs Each

337 Ham Salad (Special Order) 5lbs Each

338 Seafood Salad 5lbs Each

339 Seafood Pasta Salad (Special Order) 5lbs Each

341 Tuna Pasta Salad (Special Order) 5lbs Each

342 Marinated Mushroom Salad (Special Order) 5lbs Each

351 Pasta Parmesan Salad (Special Order) 5lbs Each

352 Cucumber and Onion Salad (Special Order) 10lbs Each

353 Albacore Tuna Salad 5lbs Each

354 Seafood Piccante Salad (Special Order) 5lbs Each

355 Oriental Noodle Salad (Special Order) 5lbs Each

356 White Fish Salad (Special Order) 5lbs Each

357 Cheese Tortellini Salad (Special Order) 5lbs Each

359 Chopped Liver Salad (Special Order) 5lbs Each


327 Oreo Cookie Mousse 4lbs Each

331 Ambrosia Dessert (Special Order) 5lbs Each

340 Rice Pudding (Special Order) 5lbs Each

Don's Flavored Cream Cheese

1021 Spinach (Special Order) 5lbs Each

1022 Peach (Special Order) 5lbs Each

1027 Apple Raisin Cinnamon (Special Order) 5lbs Each

1028 Garlic & Herb (Special Order) 5lbs Each

1029 Scallion (Special Order) 5lbs Each

1030 Chive (Special Order) 5lbs Each

1031 Horseradish & Cheese (Special Order) 5lbs Each

1032 Low Fat Vegetable (Special Order) 5lbs Each

1035 Whitefish (Special Order) 5lbs Each

1036 Pineapple (Special Order) 5lbs Each

1039 Jalapeno (Special Order) 5lbs Each

1044 Blueberry (Special Order) 5lbs Each

1045 Seasonal (Special Order) 5lbs Each

1046 Strawberry (Special Order) 5lbs Each

1047 Sun Dried Tomato (Special Order) 5lbs Each

1048 Vegetable (Special Order) 5lbs Each

1049 Salmon (Lox) (Special Order) 5lbs Each

1051 Low Fat Plain Stock (Special Order) 5lbs Each


Fresh Eggs

300 Eggs Jumbo Jumbo Carton

301 Eggs Extra Large Extra Large Carton

302 Eggs Large Large Carton

303 Eggs Medium Medium Carton

304 Eggs Extra Large (15 Dozen) Extra Large Case

305 Eggs Large (15 Dozen) Large Case

306 Eggs Medium (15 Dozen) Medium Case

3799 Eggs Brown Jumbo Jumbo Carton

3800 Eggs Free Range Large Carton

3802 Eggs Brown Carton

Frozen Eggs

3893 Eggs Hytex (Special Order) 30lbs Each

3894 Eggs Whole Frozen (Special Order) 30lbs Each

3895 Eggs Hard Cooked 20lbs Each

3896 Table Ready 2lbs Case

3897 Lite and Hearty (Special Order) 5lbs Case

3898 Healthy Morning (Special Order) Case

3899 Eggs Liquid Whole (Special Order) 30lbs Each

Butter, Margarine, Sour Cream & Cheeses

Butter & Margarine

1210 Plugra Clarified 5lbs Each

218 Keller Butter Quarters 1lb Each

219 Keller Sweet Butter Quarters (Special Order) 1lb Each

220 Butter Quarters 1lb Each

221 Butter Solid 1lb Each

222 Sweet Butter Solid 1lb Each

223 Whipped Butter Tub 7lbs Each

224 Butter Reddies 90 Case

225 Butter Chips (Special Orders) 5lbs Each

226 Continental Butter Chips 47 Case

227 Whipped Butter Cups 720 Case

228 Liberty Bell 60/40 Blend Solid 1lb Each

229 Kellers 60/40 Blend Solid 1lb Each

230 Whipped 60/40 Blend Tub 7lbs Each

232 Liberty Bell Margarine Quarters 1lb Each

233 Oleo Solids 1lb Each

236 Whipped Oleo Tub 7lbs Each

237 Whipped Oleo Cups 900 Case

239 Bulk Butter (Special Order) 1lb Each

307 Plugra Butter Solids 1lb Each

Sour Cream

207 Sour Cream 10lbs 10lbs Each

208 Sour Cream 5lbs 5lbs Each

209 Sour Cream Pint Pint Each

210 Sour Cream Half Pint Half Pint Each

211 Individual Sour Cream 1oz 100 Case

Cottage Cheese

250 Cottage Cheese 5lbs 5lbs Each

251 Low Fat Cottage Cheese 5lbs 5lbs Each

252 Cottage Cheese 1lbs 1lbs Each

253 Low Fat Cottage Cheese 1lbs 1lbs Each

Cream Cheese

258 Cream Cheese 8oz 8oz Each

259 Cream Cheese Block 3lbs 3lbs Each

260 Cream Cheese Block 30lbs 30lbs Each

261 Cream Cheese Block 3lbs 3lbs Case

262 Individual Cream Cheese 1oz 1oz Case


1009 Cheddar Extra Sharp 8oz Case

1011 Mozzarella Shredded 8oz 8oz Case

1012 Ricotta Dry 5lbs Each

1014 Parmesan Shredded 5lbs Each

1015 Mild Cheddar White 8oz 8oz Case

1016 Feta 9lbs Case

1017 Swiss Sliced 9lbs Case

1018 Cheddar Yellow Shredded 8oz 8oz Case

1019 Mild Cheddar Yellow 8oz 8oz Case

1020 Provolone 9lbs Case

1021 Cheddar Sharp 9lbs Case

1022 Cheddar Mild 9lbs Case

1023 Goat Cheese 11oz Each

1043 Nacho Cheese Sauce (Special Order) Case

240 American Cheese White Loaf 5lbs Each

241 American Cheese Yellow Loaf 5lbs Each

242 American Cheese White Sliced 5lbs Each

243 American Cheese Yellow Sliced 5lbs Each

245 Jack/Cheddar Blend 5lbs Each

248 Cheddar Sharp White Block 5lbs Each

249 Cheddar Sharp Yellow Block 5lbs Each

256 Mild Cheddar 5lbs Case

257 Brie Wheel 6lbs Each

264 Monterey Jack Shredded 5lbs Each

265 Mozzarella Loaf 6lbs Each

266 Mozzarella Shredded 5lbs Each

267 Mozzarella Balls 1oz 3lbs Each

268 Parmesan Grated 5lbs Each

270 Provolone Cheese Loaf 13lbs Each

271 Ricotta Cheese 3lbs 3lbs Each

272 Ricotta Cheese 15oz 15oz Each

273 Romano Cheese (Special Order) 5lbs Each

274 Swiss Cheese Wheel 7lbs Each

276 Blue Cheese Crumbled 5lbs Each

277 Kaukauna Cheese (Special Order) Each

279 Cheddar Shredded 5lbs Each

3066 Mascarpone 5lbs Each

South American & Latin Cheeses

La Limena Terron Bolsa Tray 1lb Each

Terron Bolsa 1lb Each

Terron Bolsa 10lbs 10lbs Each

La Limena Queso Fresco Round 14oz Each

La Limena Mozzarella Block 16oz Each

Mexicana Queso Fresco Round 14oz Each

Mexicana Requeson Tray 16oz Each

Mexicana Requeson Cup 15oz Each

El Compadre Queso Fresco Round 14oz Each

El Compadre Queso Fresco Cup 15oz Each

Anita Queso Fresco Round 14oz Each

La Limena Para Pupusas (Shredded Mozzarella) 1lb 1lb Each

La Limena Para Pupusas (Shredded Mozzarella) 5lbs 5lbs Each

Hanan Products

Key Lime Bavarian 30lbs Each

Chocolate Bavarian 30lbs Each

Lemon Bavarian 30lbs Each

Vanilla Bavarian 30lbs Each

Whip Delite Chocolate Quart Case

Whip Delite Gallon Case

Cremosa Top n Fill Case

HPT Fresh Gallon Case

HPT Frozen Gallon Case

Whip Delite (30lbs) 30lbs Case

Whip Delite (Quarts) Quarts Case

Top n Fill Vanilla Gallon Case

Tres Leches Frozen Gallon Case

Chocolate Top n Fill Gallon Case

Sugar Free Whip Topping Case

Ice Cream & Custard Mixes


048 3.5% Vanilla Shake Mix (Special Order) Gallon Each

051 6% Vanilla Ice Milk (Special Order) Gallon Each

052 6% Chocolate Ice Milk (Special Order) Gallon Each

053 10% Vanilla Soft Ice Cream Gallon Each

054 10% Chocolate Soft Ice Cream Gallon Each


412 Chocolate Cone Dip (Special Order) 3 Quarts Each

413 Caramel Half Gallon Each

416 Hot Fudge 3 Quarts Each

417 Butterscotch Half Gallon Each

418 Strawberry Half Gallon Each

419 Pineapple Half Gallon Each

420 Maraschino Cherry Crushed Half Gallon Each

421 Maraschino Cherry Whole (No Stems) Half Gallon Each

423 Wet Walnuts Half Gallon Each

434 Cherry Syrup Gallon Each

435 Vanilla Syrup Gallon Each

436 Strawberry Syrup Gallon Each

439 Banana Syrup Gallon Each

440 Orange Syrup Gallon Each

446 Simple Syrup Gallon Each

448 Chocolate Syrup Gallon Each

450 Rainbow Jimmies 6lbs Each

451 Chocolate Jimmies 6lbs Each


055 14% Mix (Special Order) 5 Gallons Each

1400 Vanilla Shake Mix (Special Order) 5 Gallons Each

1401 Chocolate Shake Mix (Special Order) 5 Gallons Each

1404 5% Vanilla Ice Milk (Special Order) 5 Gallons Each

1405 5% Chocolate Ice Milk (Special Order) 5 Gallons Each

1408 10% Vanilla Soft Ice Cream Mix Half Gallon Each

1409 10% Chocolate Soft Ice Cream Mix Half Gallon Each


427 Small Cake Dispenser Cone 100 Case

428 Large Cake Dispenser Cone 100 Case

429 Large Cake Cone 300 Case

430 Small Cake Cone 250 Case

431 Sugar Cones 200 Case

989 Chocolate Sandwich Wafers 840 Case

996 Large Waffle Cone 198 Case

3 Gallon Tubs

3 Gallon Yogurt

3 Gallon Sherbet

2.5 Gallon Sherbet

2.5 Gallon Water Ice

4 oz Cups

6 oz Cups

10 oz Cups

Square 1/2 Gallons (4 pack)

Sherbet Quarts

Bulk Novelties


Blount Soups

Three Bean Chili

Carrot and Ginger (Organic)

Chicken Noodle

Rhode Island Clear Clam Chowder

New England Clam Chowder

Italian Wedding

Beef & Barley

Spring Vegetable

Kale Soup w/Chourico

Maine Lobster Bisque

Maryland Style Crab

Scallop & Bacon Chowder

Wild Mushroom Barley

Potato, Roasted Garlic & Leek

Uncle Teddy's Beef Chili

Tomato & Feta

Steak & Ale Chowder

Thanksgiving Everyday

Lasagna w/Turkey Sausage

Rip Roarin' Crab

French Onion


Beef Chili & Beans

Beef Stew Base

Pumpkin Bisque

Manhattan Clam Chowder

Shrimp & Corn Chowder

Spinach & Feta Chowder

Tomato Florentine

Hearty Vegetable

Southwest Corn Chowder

Beer & Cheese

Crab Bisque

Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice

Wild Mushroom Bisque

Pasta E Fagioli

Fire Roasted Vegetable

Vegetarian Black Bean

Chicken & Wild Rice

Chicken Tortilla

Butternut Squash & Apple

Broccoli & Cheddar

Turkey Chili with Beans

Chicken Spaetzle (Dumpling)

Baked Potato

Old Fashioned Split Pea

Creamy Tomato

Albondigas (Mexican Meatball)

Chicken & Poblano Pepper

Other Products


1207 Basil Pesto 2lbs Each

1283 Saf-T-Yeast (Special Order) Case

1496 Bacon Hotel 15lbs Case

1499 Bacon 1lb Each

283 Yeast Pounds 2lbs Each


1200 Plain 5lbs Each

1201 Jalepeno (Special Order) 5lbs Each

1202 Roasted Red Peppers (Special Order) 5lbs Each

1203 Roasted Garlic (Special Order) 5lbs Each

1205 Roasted Garlic 2lbs Each